Tournament Date:Saturday- June 1st  10:00AM (Registration Check In)
  • 6 - 8 Players Per Team
  • $20 Per Player (Registrations Fee to be paid on day of tournament)
  • All teams must report to check-in station to confirm registration and pay tournament fees.
  • Changes to roster will only be allowed prior to the end of open registration
Normal baseball rules apply with these Exceptions
All teams or players engaging in behavior deemed to be "unsportsmanlike" will be removed from the tournament and grounds immediately. Arguing with an umpire or using foul language will not be tolerated. 

- All equipment will be provided, however, teams can bring their own bats, but can be used by both teams. Bats must be wiffle ball regulation only.
- No taping on barrel
- Cleats can be worn, but not required
- Teams can coordinate uniforms, but matching uniforms are not required
- No gloves

- Limit of 3 innings (9 outs) per pitcher per game
- Pitcher must keep one foot in contact with the rubber when ball is released
-Balks will not be called

- No bunting
- Regulation bats only
- Switch hitting allowed at any time during the at bat
- Batter must remain in batter’s box while making contact with the ball or batter will be called out

Balls & Strikes
- 3 strikes is an out, 4 balls will result in a walk
- Strike zone will be a riser 24” wide 34” high, beginning 12” from ground level
- A pitched ball that hits a batter will be considered a ball unless the batter leans into it, then it will be deemed a strike
- The second foul ball after 2 strikes will be an out

Player & Positions
- All players will bat (in same order for entire game)
- Defense is required to have a pitcher and a catcher (standing behind strike zoned riser)
- All other defensive players can take any position on the field

Base Running
- No “ghost men” will be used
- No stealing
- No leading off (one foot must remain on the bag until contact is made with the ball)
- Base runners between bases hit with a batted or thrown ball will be deemed out

The Game
- The home team will be decided by a coin flip
- 3 outs or 5 runs scored will constitute a half inning (except on a home run, all runs will count)
- Time limit of 20 minutes per game or 3 innings
- Mercy Rule is 10 runs after 2 full innings

- Fielders may throw the ball at runners
- Runners struck below the neck will be out (even if ball strikes the ground, a bag, or any other object first)
- Runner struck in the neck or head will be deemed safe

*Remember to have fun and carry a good attitude. We want you to enjoy this tournament and come again!

All proceeds of the tournament go towards Living Word Minden iLive Youth