Reach-Out at Living Word

Every role, including yours, is important and necessary for the effective functioning of the body of Christ.  As a Christian, part of your purpose is to serve in the local church, using your gift, talents and abilities to help people find and follow Christ.
God is looking for people who are living sacrifices…fully alive and ready to serve.  Without the SERVE TEAM, things would not get done.

Reach-Out in the Community

As one of the cultures of Living Word, it is our to heart serve within our Community. We reach-out in numerous ways throughout the year to bring the hope of Jesus to our surrounding areas. As the light of the world, we must bring this light to others.

Jesus said in Mark 12:31 that we are to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Reach-Out to the World

Through Living Word Missions, you have the opportunity to share the Gospel with people in the contents of South America, Africa and all over the world. When you partner with Reach-Out to The World you are partnering with organizations that are spreading the good news of the Word of God, locally and globally.  Living Word sows weekly into three different organisations: David Divelbiss Ministries, Mark Hankins Ministries and Hope 4 Guatemala.   Sowing into the Kingdom and working together with these organizations, we are sending ministries to places we may never go and  seeing the Great Commission happening before our eyes.